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Transwestern Investment Group (TIG) delivers products and strategies that reflect the collective expertise of the Transwestern family of companies to provide clients a competitive edge. The firm provides superior performance and results to clients by leveraging industry relationships cemented over 25 years spent raising and deploying capital. Experienced in the complexities of both real estate and capital markets, TIG works with a variety of domestic and international investors across the risk spectrum − core, core plus, value-add and opportunistic strategies. The company invests through separate accounts, commingled funds and individual asset acquisitions, with a wide range of institutional expertise.
TIG and its predecessors have invested principal equity capital and third-party investors’ capital for more than three decades. Since 2010, TIG leadership has added seasoned investment management leadership to allow TIG to serve a broader range of investors through discretionary, commingled funds and non-discretionary, separate accounts. TIG has been actively investing, having committed more than $3.15 billion equity for properties across the U.S. on behalf of its fund initiatives and separate account investors.

To address changing risks and opportunities in U.S. real estate markets, separate accounts are individually designed to meet clients’ risk profiles, as well as product, geographic and tactical diversification needs. TIG’s client-focused, relationship-driven operating structure is transparent and encourages collaborative investment and portfolio management decision-making.

TIG’s commingled funds are managed by Transwestern Strategic Partners (TSP). Fund strategies are keenly focused on leveraging the Transwestern operating platform to provide a competitive advantage. TIG’s experienced leadership team executes each acquisition to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns. The firm has demonstrated the ability to source attractive investment opportunities and raise institutional equity capital to co-invest in TIG-sponsored investments. Leadership is skilled at formulating and executing value-added business plans to drive the success of clients’ investments. TIG is currently in the market with the TSP Value and Income Fund focused on value-add real estate opportunities throughout the U.S.  For information contact, Jennifer White at 972.774.2556.

Transwestern Corporate Properties (TCP) is an innovative investment vehicle formed by Transwestern Investment Group in 2016 which seeks to provide investors with efficient access to attractive yields generated by stable lease obligations from Fortune 500, investment-grade tenants. TCP is focused on pursuing expected total returns attractive to its investor clients, utilizing the Transwestern platform to identify, acquire and actively manage highly desirable, well-located properties coveted by sophisticated corporate tenants. 
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