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Investment activity by Transwestern Investment Group (TIG) is set apart by its attention to market intelligence, research and rights to proprietary market data from Delta Associates, a member of the Transwestern family of companies. Prudent real estate investment decisions are based upon a thorough understanding of factors that can impact investment performance. TIG’s leadership team has the education, experience and ability to analyze a multitude of data to determine the best course of action for client’s customized objectives.

Through the firm’s affiliation with Transwestern, the diversified real estate services firm, TIG is actively engaged in markets throughout the United States. With that direct operating experience comes a practical understanding of real estate trends and market subtleties that impact asset values by region. TIG also analyzes investment opportunities on a macro level by examining broad economic factors that affect investor preferences, capital flows, government stimulus, job growth and global competition. On a micro level, the firm evaluates submarket rental rates, leasing costs, operating expenses, absorption, inventory and new supply.

Research data is incorporated into:  

  • Strategy development
  • Target market selection
  • Underwriting of proposed acquisitions
  • Development of effective leasing and marketing strategies
  • Hold/sell decisions 


TIG utilizes the following to provide the most comprehensive range of research information:

  • Delta Associates, Transwestern's research affiliate
  • CoStar, Realpoint and Real Capital Analytics
  • The Bureau of Economic Analysis, Federal Reserve Board, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Pension Real Estate Association and National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries
  • Team members' proprietary market data and asset information gained directly through time-tested relationships and years of acquisition, management and leasing experience.
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